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A Decentralized Plan

Nowadays everyone is extremely busy. Many people don't sit down with their family during dinner, participate in a religious community, or really keep into touch with any community at all. People are much more isolated than ever.

And you're probably asking, how the hell does this tie into personal training at all?

Communities drive their members to do certain things, follow certain norms. Since our founding in 2023, it is the mission of Power Philosophy to not only contribute to the physical wellbeing of our clients, but to bring them into a community of like-minded people. This will bring the social pressure that will push you to become the best you.

Power Philosophy is where the roads lead for those who have no community.

Power Philosophy was founded in 2023 by Ryan Brikho: a martial artist, certified personal trainer, and lover of philosophy. The goal of Power Philosophy is not only about giving our clients a better physical health, but to nurture other parts of their lives as well. We have a holistic approach, for in order to live the best, happiest, and most fruitful life one needs to be on the right path in all aspects; Hence, the name "Power Philosophy".

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